Clay Masterclass

with Paul Smith in Italy - Premolo

“Just ask!”

The birth of this project deserves to be explored further, because it confirms how sometimes a simple, honest approach can lead to much more. In this case an opportunity spontaneously opened up to an exciting new collaboration.

Do you remember the photo we used for the “Little Red Riding Hood – Getting lost in the woods and finding yourself at home” workshop at the end of January with Sabra Biella (you can find it here)? Well, we had found it simply by Googling and, coming across Paul Smith’s site, I discovered the author of that beautiful sculpture. So evocative and perfectly fitting to the theme we wanted to address. So I had two choices: look for some other image not covered by copyright, or send an email to this English artist to ask him for permission to use that image, hoping it wasn’t too expensive.

Those who know me already know what I chose: I described to him what we were planning and the reason why we were enchanted by that sculpture. It was simply perfect!

In less than a quarter of an hour Paul not only replies “This email gladdens my heart – of course please use the image – I can send high resolution versions”, but he also offers to participate in the event by holding a sculpture session ! I smile and think: “I love this job!“.

Enthusiastically, I replied that the therapeutic writing and intuitive painting workshop was full of initiatives over the two days, anyway I would have liked to try to organize together a weekend completely dedicated to him and to clay sculpture.

And here we are! I am so proud to announce that on the weekend of July 6th and 7th, Paul Smith will be coming to visit us and holding a clay sculpture masterclass!

Who is Paul Smith

Paul is a full-time artist and creates figurative ceramic sculptures

Paul teaching

“The images I create are dreamlike and contemplative, designed to create the sensation of another reality where a peaceful coexistence between us and nature is possible.”

OrsoAbbraccio leopardoAbbraccio orsoCavallo

What we will do

Paul will lead an intense two-day masterclass on making ceramic human and animal figures.
His teaching method is distinguished by his personal interpretation of European folk tales in ceramic form, such as Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

These stories can be a vehicle to explore our relationship with the natural world, as well as our inner feelings. His work is often described as uplifting, joyful and comforting.

Workshop participants will complete at least one figurative sculpture, but there will be time to explore creativity by also making small clay animals.

Paul uses a system of wooden props and rods to construct his figures, all of which are pulled out as soon as the clay is solid. With minimal tools and equipment, he will show you how to make a clay horse and a seated human figure.

One of the sculptures will be fired in a kiln and, a few weeks after the course, it can be collected or organized for home delivery. Sculptures that are not fired can be taken away at the end of the masterclass to be dried, fired and glazed at home.

Paul uses oxides, slips and glazes to color his clay sculptures – he’ll share these methods with you towards the end, so be prepared to take notes!

This workshop is aimed at anyone interested in making clay sculptures; beginner, intermediate or advanced!



ALL INCLUSIVE package: €349


The price includes:

  • 2 days of clay sculpture masterclass (workshop hours: 10am to 4.30pm each day )
  • Clay and working materials
  • Firing of a sculpture among those created during the masterclass
  • 1 night’s stay with breakfast in a shared room (in case of request for single use there is a supplement of €35)
  • 2 lunches and 1 dinner


The price does not include:

  • All the material described in the following item “What you need to bring”
  • Drinks and desserts
  • Any shipping costs of the fired sculpture
  • Anything not mentioned in the “price includes”


What you need to bring (if you can’t find everything, don’t worry, we will provide and improvise!): 

  • A sketchbook and a pen
  • An apron, a bucket and a towel
  • Any clay tools you have: alternatively we will supply a knife, fork and spoon (not just for eating!)
  • A cake turntable stand (like this one)
  • A hair dryer or heat gun (the kind that is used to strip paint) – this will be used to speed along the drying process of the clay a little
  • An image of an animal that you feel inspired by
  • A medium-sized cardboard box, filled with bubble wrap or crumpled newspapers (to wrap some of your finished clay sculptures)
  • Plus, your enthusiasm and fun spirit!

If, before immersing yourself in this experience, you wish to be already present on Saturday morning for breakfast, after a relaxing rest at the Grem Bike Hostel, members are entitled to a 15% discount on half board for the night of Friday 5 July! During dinner we will also have the opportunity to get to know Paul a little better.

To sign up or to receive any other information , click on the BOOK button and send me an email!

See you soon!




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